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How we build value for Your Brand

People look for almost every good by searching on Google. We are much skilled in getting the Content we create for Your Brand atop of Google for strategical keywords:

2nd-5th-organic-what-is-a-craft-beer craft-beer-marketing-strategies

Almost 90% of clicks on Google falls on Page 1 results and almost 65% on first 5 results. So if we rank you on Page 1 or even within first 5, as you see above, we drive to Your Brand contents a big stake of the audience.

Then? They will not find a long article that almost nobody reads. They watch a short, original, attractive video with a unique look&feel and a story, interesting for the keywords ranked. In the Video we can place your Brand story and other interesting infos for the Craft Beer lovers. This makes them loyal to Your contents.

Repeating the same process for as much keywords and videos as possible, with editorial quality content and not just ratings or reviews, Your audience will become stable, and wider. Here we are: we have built a crucial asset for your Brand: ultra-targeted awareness. Allowing You to stand out from the crowd of craft beer brands.

You can then monetise this audience in several ways:

  1. driving them to a selling page to buy your beer
  2. selling them an online course about homebrewing
  3. selling them ebooks
  4. Selling customised bottles for companies or even for parties.

What are you waiting ? All this is available for as low as 49 euro/month ! Subscribe from the button below and let us start building your Audience!


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